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The joy of life means the ability to do what one likes, with inspiration and vital strength. To walk toward great goals with certainty, without stopping.

We will help you recover your physical health and freedom of movement after injuries or surgical procedures, remove causes of painful syndromes, and return more easily to your usual rhythm and ambitious plans.


Our help for patients starts from diagnostics to identify the problem and its causes. It is the basis for correct treatment and rehabilitation.

We refer our patients to other medical institutions for additional diagnostics as warranted by the situation. Based on the diagnosis the Innovo team develops an individual rehabilitation plan. Doctors take a holistic approach to the examination and analysis of the diagnostics results taking into account the patient’s complaints, goals, and needs.

  • Injuries: We examine the injured structure (muscle,
    tendon, ligament etc) and determine the degree of damage.
  • Movement function disorders: We determine the problem
  • Joint, back, extremity pains: We identify causes
    and track connections.
  • Our work with athletes is a particular area of diagnostics.
    We identify pathological deviations, examine the damaged
    structures, and identify causes of pain.


Treatment at Innovo is a daily step-by-step process to restore health and strength. It brings gradual relief and restores natural movement and the sense of freedom.

Physiotherapy is the basic methods to achieve our patients’ recovery. Should your case require additional treatment we will add pharmaceutical and physiotherapeutic intervention and, if necessary, refer you for psychotherapy.

Innovo specialists accompany patients at all therapeutic procedures:

  • physical therapists – during rehabilitation sessions,
  • doctors – during follow-up examinations and consultations.

We select the most effective treatment methods and walk the patient through to recovery.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy returns you to an active lifestyle and the things you like. You will be able to ski, go mountain climbing, enjoy long walks, hold a child in our hands or simply take a step again – freely and without pain.

Our special asset is our help in the rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system. We work to eliminate consequences of traumatic injuries, sport injuries, surgical procedures and various kinds of painful syndromes.

We rely exclusively on evidence-based medical data in our practice. Innovo’s physical therapy programs are developed on the basis of contemporary rehabilitation protocols.

Exercises are the main physical therapy tool. Rational targeted load facilitates natural restoration of movement functions. A set of exercises can be combined with additional methods:

  • manual therapy,
  • kinesiological and functional taping,
  • braces and supports,
  • cryotherapy,
  • individual orthopaedic aids.

We discuss all required steps with the patient before therapy and adjust them along the way depending on recovery dynamics.

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