Double treatment or how not to get into Innovo Kids

During one of the sessions of physical therapy in our medical center, the child looked very tired, although the rehabilitation course has started just a few days ago, and he shouldn’t have been so exhausted. In conversation with physical therapists, he said that after the training at “Innovo”, lasting two and a half hours, his mother, instead of giving him the opportunity to rest after the exercise, immediately took him to some woman for a massage. And, as it was clear from the words of the child, that so-called “specialist” also applied manual therapy.

The child also complained to the physical therapists that after the “methods” of the “female masseuse” he felt back pain. From further questioning, physical therapists were able to conclude that an unknown person, who provides these services, does so outrageously unprofessionally and in completely inappropriate conditions. Our little patient also noticed, that it is now difficult for him to go to training, and he can’t stand this being shuttled to and fro without any rest any longer.

The above-described case, when patients were treated at the medical center an on the parallel used the services of so-called outside “specialists”, is not unique. Due to their ignorance, patients may think that the more methods they try, the better the outcome will be.

However, going to such pseudo-experts is a violation of the treatment regime and is often harmful to the patient’s health. If any person has already asked for professional help in a medical center and agreed with the proposed methods of treatment, he/she should follow the recommendations of the medical staff and consult with them regarding all of their actions that may affect his/her health. If the patient “corrects” assigned treatment as he/she pleases, then it is considered a breach of the specialists’ trust and thus deprives them of all responsibility for the outcome of the treatment.

According to “ Law of Ukraine on health protection”:

1) the patient has the right to freely choose the doctor and treatment methods;

2) the physician has the right to refuse further management of the patient. If the patient does not follow medical prescriptions and violates the mode of treatment.

Employees of the Medical center “Innovo” strongly suggest the patient choose either the official treatment, or the healer-cum-fortune-teller con, and they do not recommend making your own corrections in the treatment regime. In case of violation of the treatment regime Medical center has the right to refuse to further treat the patient.