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Children like to play and learn and are active and inquisitive. We plan physical rehabilitation for children in the form of games to make the process attractive, making adjustments for each child’s needs and character. We teach parents how to interact correctly with their children, take into account their individual traits, and create conditions for their comfortable development and happy childhood.

Physical therapy

A course to improve mobility in children with nervous and musculoskeletal system problems.

Active movement, speed, and restlessness are the joys of childhood. Children with different physical abilities explore the world at any age and our primary task is to help them in their endeavor.

We offer a unique set of exercises for each child. These activities help the child to master or improve basic motor functions including head movements, rolling, crawling, sitting, standing, running and jumping.

These exercises are aimed at allowing the child’s maximum adaptation to the surrounding world taking into account his or her individual physical capabilities. If necessary, we use auxiliary and orthopedic aids for the child’s comfort.

Innovo specialists help parents to interact correctly with their children and to facilitate the development of their motor activity. Sessions with children take place in a friendly atmosphere in the form of a game. The positive results of therapy include introducing children to active social life: Attending kindergarten, school, hobby clubs, and sport clubs. Our greatest incentive is the smile of a child making a new movement.

Developmental therapy

It is a course to facilitate children’s intellectual development. The key objectives include improvement of speech, communication, and fine motor skills.

Intellectual development starts at birth and lasts throughout the life cycle. Each age has its typical stages for the adoption and deepening of skills. There are precise interconnections in the development of various intellectual capabilities. We rely on them in our practice and help children to develop new useful skills on the basis of those already acquired.

We work together with the children in a light game form to develop their intellectual processes: Comprehension, memory, attention, imagination, problem solving. The development of these skills depends both on the external environment and on the child’s inborn qualities.

We take care of making sessions of our teaching and developing course reliant on mutual trust. We create conditions for children and their parents to feel relaxed, tell us about the slightest changes, and seek advice from Innovo specialists at all times.

Hand therapy

It is a programme to develop the motor function of the hand and visual motor skills and prepare the hand for writing.

We work with children to improve the motor functions of their hands. This set of exercises is a component of children’s rehabilitation after:

  • infant cerebral palsy,
  • brain haemorrhage,
  • traumatic injury of the peripheral nervous and musculoskeletal systems;
  • brain blood circulation disorders.

We perform 80 percent of our everyday tasks with our hands, but this percentage is much higher in children who are still exploring the world. The little ones have to learn so many things: how to eat, dress, and clean their teeth. Even more interesting things await them further down the road: drawing, playing, or turning pages of favorite books. We help children to improve the motor function and coordination of hands to expand their learning potential and facilitate daily life.

Innovo Children’s Department specialists appreciate how much endurance and patience this type of rehabilitation requires from our little patients. Therefore, we pay utmost attention and seek individual approaches to every child and invariably place an emphasis on the little ones’ accomplishments.

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