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The correct position of the child with special needs

Children with disabilities require special and ongoing care throughout the day. It is very important to give your child comfortable and safe body position. Because when a child is in a forced, wrong position for a long time, it adversely affects not only her well-being, but also the activity of her body as a whole.

What complications can be avoided by giving the child the correct position?

  • The development of contractures, that is, pathological provisions of the joints that arise as a result of spasticity;
  • muscle atrophy, joint and spinal deformities due to movement deficits;
  • problems with the function of internal organs;
  • pulmonary congestion in the lungs with the development of respiratory failure and pneumonia;
  • pressure ulcers;
  • impaired bone development due to immobility. All of these complications can be prevented. To do this, make sure that the baby is always in the correct position, as well as frequently change his body position. Best: every two hours. The main thing in the care of a special baby is its continuity and regularity.

Proper movement of a child with special needs

1. Moving the baby along the surface:

  • moving sideways along the surface;
  • moving up and down along the surface;
  • the transition from lying down position to sitting.

2. Turning the baby over.
3. Raising the baby from a low surface.
4. Carrying a baby.

Selection aids for a child with special needs

Selection of walkers, rollator, wheelchair, verticalizer.

A game as a basic element of the development of a child with special needs

The leading activity of the child at different age stages is play. It is also necessary for children with special needs. Even with the frequent and prolonged physical rehabilitation of the child with movement disorders, do not forget about the game. Difficult physical exercises can also be done with the help of a game that facilitates their performance.