Medical reference

Development of a child

Normal physical and mental child’s development from its first day of life is the foundation for healthy body activity in the future. Therefore, it is important to watch over your child and if some deviations of physical and mental functions occur, proper assistance should be provided. Development of sensory organs, motor and mental functions reflect in changes of child’s behavior, that improves from month to month.

Here are some key points in this development.

First month. The baby sleeps about 20 hours a day. When the baby is active, he/she randomly move hands and legs; eye movements are uncoordinated as well. To any powerful sound child responds by Moro’s reflex (in response to a knock on the surface, where the baby is lying at a distance of 15-20 cm from both sides from the head, a child first moves hands to different sides and extends fingers, and then returns to the previous position). Usually, Moro reflex is present up to 4 months. Baby feels the temperature changes (when frozen cries, becomes restless, turns much), has a taste and feels pain.

Second month. The kid pays attention to sound and light, has first facial reactions, mood changes, smiles.

Third month. Monitors objects, turns head to the side of light or sound, picks up and starts to hold head, babbling, gazing at hand.

By the end of the first half of a year, the child learns his/her parents, enjoys their presence. Trying to reach various items, misses his/her parents. Turns to sides and flips on the tummy, laughs loudly.

On the 9th month child sits, then sits and stands up, rolls on the floor, starts to crawl. Starts to distinguish unpleasant and dangerous moments. Expresses desire. To the disappointment reacts with the proper response. Holds a bottle in his/her hands and drinks from it.

1 year. The child is standing on his/her own, crawls on his/her knees, leans by legs, tries to walk. Understands separate words, responds when someone is calling for him/her. Knows how to clap. Familiar with the environment and toys. Imitates, repeats words such as “mum”, “dad”.

In the sequence of developmental terms of static functions, there is still an individual characteristic of development of child’s organism. So, you should consider the fact, that there are variations in time of action occurrence are possible.

Timing of statics and motor skills development at the first year:

Actions of a baby Middle period Time swings
Smiles 5 weeks 3 – 6 weeks
Makes sounds 7 weeks 4 – 11 weeks
Holds a head 3 months 2 – 4 month
Hand movements in a specific direction 4 months 2,5 – 5,5 month
Turns form back to stomach 5 months 3,5 – 6,5 month
Sits 6 months 4,5 – 8 month
Crawls 7 months 5 – 9 months
Stands up 9 months 6 – 11 months
Makes steps with support 9,5 months 6,5 – 12,5 months
Stands 10,5 months 8 – 13 months
Walks on his/her own 11,5 months 9 – 14 months
Says easy words 10 months 8,5 – 11,5 months