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Physical therapy

What is physical therapy (rehabilitation)?

Physical therapy it is a type of treatment, during which the physical exercise and natural factors are applied in order to restore health, physical condition and working capacity of patients. Physical therapy trainings help to overcome feeling of pain and return to daily physical activity.

Physical therapy is used as an independent method of treatment, also can be used in combination with other methods of treatment of the disease.

Physical therapist together with a team of doctors analyzes disease and patient’s routine physical activity, discusses the treatment plan and combines individualized program. Recovery objectives are: to reduce or eliminate pain, restore range of motions, strengthen muscles, increase body endurance, improve coordination of movements.

Physical therapy trainings always consist of specially, individually designed exercise. Physical therapists may also use manual therapy, massage, physiotherapy procedures (heat, cold and electrotherapy), teach how to care for one’s own body.

Who is a physical therapist?

Specialists of physical rehabilitation/physical therapists are leading specialists in restoration, correction and maintenance of motor functions. They have systematic knowledge in the field of locomotor activity.

Specialists of physical rehabilitation/physical therapists examine patients in order to identify musculoskeletal dysfunctions and motor capacity, develop and implement individual plan for physical rehabilitation/therapy. They work in collaboration with patient and other professionals (doctors, social workers, psychologists).