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The rupture of the anterior crossed ligament of the knee
The patient’s name

22 years

Condition at first visit

During the game, the girl received a widespread injury to the team sports players – a rupture of the anterior crossed ligament of the knee. After surgery in Kyiv, Mariia needed rehabilitation because she could not train or compete. The amplitude of knee movements was significantly limited.

Therapy administered

The goals of the rehabilitation process were: restoration of flexion / extension of the knee joint, strength of the quadriceps muscle, professional skills. The training program for Mariia was individual and progressively more complicated. Rehabilitation lasted 6 months.

Results after therapy

Already 2.5 months after surgery, Mariia was able to run on the treadmill, and 6 months later returned to training in handball. Today, Mariia is fully recovered from her trauma and defends the honor of Lviv region, Ukraine.

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