Innovo Social
Community for support

Support for children who require physical rehabilitation. Each project presents a possibility to improve a child’s health and to offer him or her broader prospects in the future.

We help:

  • children suffering from infant cerebral palsy,
  • children with spinal muscle atrophy,
  • children suffering from effects of traumatic brain injuries,
  • children with congenital brain and spine defects.

Timely provision of nutritive support and treatment of accompanying problems can create a new quality of life for a child. Physiotherapy will produce the following results:

  • Improved motor function,
  • Adaptation within a social environment,
  • Improved self-care.

We invite companies and individual benefactors to contribute to our projects. Every little help matters, because proper rehabilitation in childhood is much more effective than the same methods applied to adults.

Let us unite to do good deeds.