The strongest team for a special child

Once, during a consultation at our medical center, the father of one child told us the story of her illness. The man spoke very professionally and comprehensively, so we had the impression that he is a medical specialist. Then he was asked whether he is a doctor. So, the father of this child with a very complex disease, replied: “No, you can see I had no other choice…”. Often people, who become parents to children with special needs, as well become, to a certain extent, specialists in a medical field, because they have no other choice, and we may say that in such cases a “diploma” is issued not by any University, but by life itself.

It is a great pleasure to deal with parents who are greatly involved in the rehabilitation process of their child. Of course, every mother and every father desires to see rapid positive changes in their daughter’s or son’s health. In order that you receive maximum benefits from physical therapy, you need to work as a team.

And the main and most powerful team in the rehabilitation process are the professionals and parents together, focused on the child and his/her needs.

Physical therapy is essential and indispensable for a child with limited mobility. However, one rehabilitation course lasts just a couple of weeks in their life. After these intensive trainings, the child returns home. Therefore, the work should not end with the completion of the physical therapy course.

It is the parents or guardians, who each and every moment, incessantly, guard the child’s well-being and constantly help them acquire new skills. They are the ones who know their child best.

Therefore, it is very important, that the child’s parents, physical therapists, and doctors involved in the rehabilitation process be in close cooperation with each other. And only when they work as one and determine their shared goals correctly, those rapid positive results in the child’s development are to be seen.

Therefore, chief parents’ task is to participate actively in their child’s rehabilitation process: to observe, ask, listen, learn… And physical therapists and doctors are to teach parents or guardians, taking care of a child with special needs, those things necessary for daily care, support, and health improvement.

Photo: Yuri Bashchuk