Innovo Training
Athlete training

Training program for safe return to sport after a break or injury. A physical therapist will help in drawing up a correct training schedule with a gradual increase in intensity. Transition to higher-intensity exercises is fluent and free from health risks. A special emphasis is placed on training for skiers and snowboarders in preparation for the winter season.

Professional sports, light exercises on a weekend, marathons or short jogs in a park before work – any physical activities add positive emotions and energy. It is a pleasant feeling to watch your body becoming more resilient and your strength indicators growing and feeling that anything in the world is possible.

Innovo Training comprises professional athletes, amateur sportspeople, and active people who do not imagine their life without movement and challenges. Our programmes will be useful for those who:

  • are about to start sports activities,
  • are changing their training schedule and increasing training intensity,
  • are about to resume sports activities after an interval,
  • are preparing for an active season (skiers, snowboarders, cyclists).

We advocate a rational approach to sports that takes into account individual physical abilities. Training with Innovo helps beginners to start sports activities with confidence and ensures that experienced athletes will restore their physical form rapidly after an interval. Our sessions are also geared to improve speed, technique, and fluency of exercises.

Each training program starts with an examination by an orthopedic doctor and a physiotherapist. We draw up the training plan after determining the main physical parameters and body indexes depending on the athlete’s objectives.

We structure the training sessions in such a way as to provide optimal albeit safe muscle load and to step up intensity gradually. The athlete is accompanied by a physiotherapist monitoring the load and correcting the technique. We take care of making training sessions as comfortable as possible. One can perform all necessary exercises in a spacious room with modern equipment. The program covers techniques for correct flexing of muscles and massage.

Preparation for skiing season

At the sight of the first snowfall one feels tempted to pack up the skis and go to the mountains to dominate the steepest hills. This is the right moment to recall that over the six months since the last downhill rides of the previous season our muscles have become unaccustomed to coping with such loads. Therefore, one needs thorough preparation for an energetic start to the season.

The Innovo team are passionate skiers who also train based on this program every autumn. The program relies on the American methodology for training alpine skiers and on exercises to develop strength, agility, balance, and aerobic endurance. The training schedule involves the use of SKIER’S EDGE Polymetric Power alpine skiing machine which simulates and trains the biomechanics of skiing. We recommend training a month before the first trip to the mountains. We will help to make your rides faster, more confident, and more maneuverable.